European Power: Publications

The long shadow of ordoliberalism: Germany’s approach to the euro crisis

Sebastian Dullien, Ulrike Guérot - 22 February, 2012

The thinking behind Germany's unpopular approach to the crisis

Reinventing Europe: Poland and the euro crisis

Konstanty Gebert - 7 February, 2012

From our Reinvention of Europe series of National papers

Four Scenarios for the Reinvention of Europe

Mark Leonard - 23 November, 2011

The impossible is also necessary if the euro and Europe are to be saved

Spain after the elections: the ‘Germany of the South’?

José Ignacio Torreblanca, Mark Leonard - 17 November, 2011

Spain's election, caught between the euro crisis and Arab revolutions.

What does Germany think about Europe?

Ulrike Guérot - 28 June, 2011

Understanding Berlin's internal debates about its European role

Turning Presence into Power: the EU in its eastern neighbourhood

Nicu Popescu, Andrew Wilson - 9 May, 2011

The EU needs to be more influential in its eastern neighbourhood

The New German Question: How Europe can get the Germany it needs

Ulrike Guérot, Mark Leonard - 26 April, 2011

How to help Germany rework its role as the keystone of Europe

Poland’s second return to Europe?

Paweł Świeboda - 20 December, 2007

An in-depth analysis of the new Polish government's foreign policy.