The Middle East and North Africa: Publications

European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2012

Hans Kundnani, Justin Vaisse - 1 February, 2012

Instead of helping to solve the world’s problems, Europe is now a problem itself

A ‘reset’ with Algeria: the Russia to the EU’s south

Susi Dennison - 13 December, 2011

Algeria is at risk of turmoil without EU-backed reform

Europe and the Arab revolutions: a new vision for democracy and human rights

Susi Dennison, Anthony Dworkin - 15 November, 2011

The EU's role in building accountable societies in North Africa

China’s Janus-faced response to the Arab revolutions

Jonas Parello-Plesner - 2 June, 2011

China's zigzagging after the Arab revolutions is Europe's opportunity

Egypt’s hybrid revolution: A bolder EU approach

Anthony Dworkin, Daniel Korski, Nick Witney - 5 May, 2011

How Europe can help Egypt's move towards democracy

European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2010

Hans Kundnani, Justin Vaisse - 30 March, 2011

The 1st edition of the European Foreign Policy Scorecard

After the revolution: Europe and the transition in Tunisia

9 March, 2011

Tunisians need European help to turn their revolution into a democracy

Shaping Europe’s Afghan Surge

Daniel Korski - 25 March, 2009

Will the military surge in Afghanistan fail without a civilian surge?

Fact sheet on NATO deployments in Afghanistan

Daniel Korski - 8 February, 2008

Read our Fact Sheet comparing NATO troop deployment figures in Afghanistan.