The Middle East and North Africa: Publications

The regional struggle for Syria

Julien Barnes-Dacey, Daniel Levy - 29 July, 2013

How regional actors shape the conflict in Syria

Syria: The imperative of de-escalation

Julien Barnes-Dacey, Daniel Levy - 24 May, 2013

A diplomatic strategy for the conflict in Syria

Europe and the vanishing two-state solution

Nick Witney - 9 May, 2013

Europe can rescue the two-state solution

What does the Gulf think about the Arab Awakening?

Fatima Ayub - 10 April, 2013

Understanding the influence of the Gulf States

European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2013

Susi Dennison, Justin Vaisse - 1 February, 2013

A comprehensive evaluation of European foreign policy

The EU, Algeria and the northern Mali question

Susi Dennison - 11 December, 2012

The EU needs to develop a more effective relationship with Algeria