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Dominique Turner joined in June 2020 as HR Manager at the European Council on Foreign Relations, based in Berlin.

She has over 10 years of international HR experience and studied hotel management. 



  • A pocket superpower

    José Ignacio Torreblanca - 11 November, 2010

    At first glance the recent Franco-British treaty on defence looks like a model of pragmatism, tinged by a British desire to keep greater pan-EU defence cooperation at bay. But like so many European agreements over the last decades, this aspiration to preserve sovereignty may not…

    Europe in the G20: Where's the beef?

    François Godement - 10 November, 2010

    Europe is playing for big stakes at the G20 in Seoul. The summit is not just about opening up to the major emerging economies, but about how the West - including Europe - deal with the challenges of staving off the economic crisis and reconfiguring international institutions.

    ECFR's Board and Council

    8 November, 2010

    Why the EU should stand by Obama

    Richard Gowan - 5 November, 2010

    Following President Obama?s mauling in this week?s midterm elections, European diplomats will doubtless be working on memos to their ministers with titles like ?The Transatlantic Alliance and the Tea Party?. Richard Gowan suggests what they should say.

    Fuelling decline

    Lluis Bassets - 4 November, 2010

    The mid-term elections in the United States are not just a set-back for President Obama at home: they will also limit his capacity to lead in the international arena at a time of rising powers and greater competition.

    Can the west still run the world?

    Richard Gowan - 3 November, 2010

    A historian of the future writing about the decline of the West should include a few lines on the events of October 2010. The EU gave up some privileges at the IMF, but it's not clear that the rising powers will now play by the West's rules.

    A strategic rubicon

    Nick Witney - 1 November, 2010

    The announcement of a Franco-British defence partnership will be a watershed in European security thinking. Once that Rubicon has been crossed it will raise questions for their EU partners, and perhaps this will have a profound bearing on whether Europe can keep a seat in the…

    East Asia Summit; where is Europe?

    Jonas Parello-Plesner - 29 October, 2010

    The EU could be at the East Asia Summit that is beginning in Hanoi, and it could carry a compelling and coherent message that would be listened to be the Asian states, Russia and the US. But it isn't. This must change.

    Wie viel Europa darf es sein?

    Ulrike Guérot - 27 October, 2010

    Eine interessengeleite deutsche Europapolitik ersetzt zunehmend die historisch bedingte Symbiose zwischen Deutschland und Europa. Im post-romantischen Europa des 21.Jahrhunderts bestimmt sich Deutschlands Rolle neu – wie viel Europa darf es sein und was ist der Preis von…

    Immigrant Russia - a crisis of demography or ethnicity?

    Ben Judah - 26 October, 2010

    One of the gravest challenges to Russia is thought to be the country's demographic crisis. But once migrants are taken into account the numbers don't look quite as bad. However this could have the result of turning a demographic crisis into an ethnic one.