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Julia Wilke joined ECFR in October 2019 as Finance & Operations Assistant at the European Council on Foreign Relations, based in the Berlin office. 

She has over 15 years of professional experience in the private sector mainly in B2B Tourism and HR and studied International Hotel and Tourism Management.


  • One China against one dream

    François Godement - 17 March 2008

    The events shaking the wider Tibetan area should lead both the Chinese government and its international partners to a deep reconsideration of past policies.

    Iraq after Bush

    Pierre Schori - 17 March 2008

    The most important question of the US presidential campaign is whether we can hope for a rejection of 'democratic imperialism' after an illegal war that made both the US and the world less safe.

    What's next for Tibet?

    John Fox - 17 March 2008

    The EU needs to act to ensure that China does not use violence to put down protests in Tibet, but engages the Dalai Lama in real dialogue.

    Zapatero: what next?

    José Ignacio Torreblanca - 10 March 2008

    With a good international image and a key position in Europe, Latin America and the Mediterranean, there is an opportunity for Spain to play a more prominent global role which the new government should explore.

    China?s African propaganda offensive

    John Fox - 04 March 2008

    A new propaganda offensive by China on its activities in Africa provides an opening for the West. We should use this to persuade China to take responsibility for its impact in Africa.

    Medvedev wins!!!

    Andrew Wilson - 03 March 2008

    The fact that Dmitry Medvedev has won the Russian presidential election hardly counts as news, but the manner of his win contained a number of surprises.

    Acting as one: Europe's diplomatic service

    Daniel Korski - 03 March 2008

    With the Lisbon Treaty still to be ratified, discussions of the EEAS are limited and proposals modest. But the EEAS could bring a revolutionary improvement in the EU's ability to act abroad - if bold thinking is allowed.

    EU governments should welcome today's ECHR ruling on torture

    Anthony Dworkin - 28 February 2008

    In a ruling announced today, the European Court of Human Rights has struck a significant blow in defence of Europe's moral standing in the fight against terrorism.