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Mariya Simeonova is the programme coordinator for the Wider Europe programme and ECFR’s Sofia office. She focuses on the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Simeonova has previously completed internships at the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Bulgaria to the EU, and the European Commission as a Blue Book Trainee at the Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development. Prior to joining ECFR, Simeonova was a civil servant at the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance.   

Simeonova holds a BA degree in International Relations from Sofia University and an MA degree in European Studies: Transnational and Global Perspectives from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Her master’s thesis focused on coherence issues in EU external energy policy and relations with Russia.


  • Serbia's European dream lives on - but only just

    Daniel Korski - 4 February, 2008

    Pro-European Boris Tadic may have regained the Serbian presidency, but his country remains sharply divided and the fight for its European future is not over. The EU should think hard about ways to support the pro-democracy camp.

    The EU and Iraq: starting to find a strategy?

    Richard Gowan - 26 January, 2008

    The EU is increasingly detached from efforts to stabilise Iraq. But EU governments cannot afford to ignore the situation there, and should use the year ahead to identify strategies to assist Iraq alongside the next US administration.

    In need of an EU approach to China

    John Fox - 23 January, 2008

    Gordon Brown, like many of his EU counterparts, focussed on national interests and commercial contracts in his China trip last week. But EU leaders need to work together not compete with each other to benefit from China's rise.

    Afghanistan: Europe's Forgotten War

    Daniel Korski - 18 January, 2008

    New ECFR report, to be published on Monday 21 January, criticises European efforts in Afghanistan and calls for a "grand bargain" between the United States and the EU to avert failure.

    Afghanistan: Europe’s Forgotten War

    Daniel Korski - 17 January, 2008

    Daniel Korski argues that the international coalition should overhaul their Afghanistan strategy and strike a 'grand bargain' to stabilise the war-torn country.

    Status quo in Afghanistan is untenable

    Daniel Korski - 15 January, 2008

    After six-and-a-half years of war and the biggest NATO operation in history, Afghanistan remains in the throes of insurgency and President Hamid Karzai's government is perilously weak. The EU needs to get a reality check, and fast.

    Challenging the myths of energy security

    11 January, 2008

    The truth is that the global oil market isn't falling apart. It continues to be globally integrated and highly liquid, and access to it requires no diplomatic or military capacity.

    ECFR Berlin office 2008

    Ulrike Guérot - 8 January, 2008

    A short overview about the themes and some of the projects the Berlin ECFR office will be working on in 2008

    Macedonia: a Light unto the Gentiles?

    Daniel Korski - 8 January, 2008

    Despite recent problems, Macedonia's record is still "best in class" and its Euro-Atlantic integration should continue posthaste.

    Useful links on Afghanistan

    Useful links on Afghanistan - 8 January, 2008

    A series of recommended texts on Afghanistan.

    Our Q&A on Afghanistan

    Our Q&A on Afghanistan - 26 December, 2007

    A backgrounder on the problems plaguing Afghanistan's reconstruction, and on why the war-torn country should matter to Europe.

    Looking for Afghanistan?s ?Anbar moment?

    Daniel Korski - 26 December, 2007

    The U.S and Europe are casting about for Afghanistan's "Anbar moment". But the warring tribes to be united first are the international ones.