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Dominique Turner joined in June 2020 as HR Manager at the European Council on Foreign Relations, based in Berlin.

She has over 10 years of international HR experience and studied hotel management. 



  • Strategic weaknesses - at home and abroad

    José Ignacio Torreblanca - 22 September, 2010

    The EU is finally looking for coherent ways to organise itself as a powerful actor on the world stage. This is necessary in a multi-polar world of rising powers - but Europe needs to remember that dealing with its challenges at home is a prerequisite for being taken seriously…

    The EU and human rights at the UN: 2010 review

    Dorothy Connell, Richard Gowan - 21 September, 2010

    Europe has lost support for its human rights positions at the UN

    Bringing good news from Ghent

    Nick Witney - 20 September, 2010

    If there was ever a moment for defence ministers to pool their efforts and resources, then this is it. Defence budgets across the continent are being severely cut as austerity measures kick in. Ahead of the defence ministers' meeting in Ghent on 23-24 September, Nick Witney…

    Decision time for Afghanistan

    Susi Dennison - 17 September, 2010

    If the EU wants to be a credible promoter of democracy, it needs to highlight the achievement of holding elections in Afghanistan, rather than dwell too long on the undoubted imperfections. Many Afghans are taking part in the elections despite the danger of violence and concerns…

    Germany goes global: farewell, Europe?

    Ulrike Guérot - 16 September, 2010

    The great engine both of Europe’s economic strength and its political unity is falling out of love with its creation. Some fear that Germany has outgrown Europe - but either way the consequences of German disaffection are profound for both the EU and its other member…

    Sharing aircraft carriers

    Nick Witney - 14 September, 2010

    Tight budgets mean hard choices. For instance, new aircraft carriers would be lovely but they cost a lot. As the UK's Strategic Defence and Security Review reaches its final stages, Nick Witney argues that perhaps it’s time to start sharing with the French.

    Stronger than it thinks it is: how Europe should deal with China

    Mark Leonard and Francois Godement - 10 September, 2010

    The question of how the EU should deal with the world's rising powers will dominate the informal Gymnich foreign ministers' meeting and the European Council meeting over the next week. In a memo to European leaders, François Godement and Mark Leonard argue that the…

    Web editor job advert

    9 September, 2010

    Europe?s most persecuted people?

    Ben Judah - 8 September, 2010

    Roma numbers are rising, while President Sarkozy's recent campaign against the Roma people highlights their growing persecution across Europe. Ben Judah argues that there is a real danger that a large proportion of the EU’s population could effectively end up being…

    Europe and the China Challenge

    François Godement - 7 September, 2010

    Could the dream of a “G3”  between the EU, China and the US ever become a reality? Or will the EU remain in the sidelines? Francois Godement argues in a piece for Le Monde that to avoid irrelevance, the EU needs to decide what it wants from China. (article in…