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Dominique Turner joined in June 2020 as HR Manager at the European Council on Foreign Relations, based in Berlin.

She has over 10 years of international HR experience and studied hotel management. 



  • Time to get pedalling

    Nick Witney and Hilmar Linnenkamp - 19 October, 2010

    Just possibly, EU defence ministers may have realised that only their personal engagement will ensure co-operation between their military staff. This is vital as European countries look for a way to retain effective security capabilities in an era of shrinking budgets.

    Visions and illusions of a new European security order

    G?lnur Aybet - 19 October, 2010

    Europe is now shifting away from the 'democratic enlargement' paradigm that marked the first decades of the post-Cold War world. The EU needs to search for an alternative vision, engaging Turkey as a regional power and understanding the changes in Russia's perspective as it…

    The spectre of a multipolar Europe

    Ivan Krastev and Mark Leonard - 15 October, 2010

    The meeting of Angela Merkel, Dmitri Medvedev and Nicolas Sarkozy at the French seaside resort of Deauville on Monday 18th has the right agenda - European security - but the wrong actors. A trialogue involving the EU, Russia and Turkey would be the best way to rethink security…

    European security: The spectre of a multipolar Europe

    Dimitar Bechev, Jana Kobzova, Ivan Krastev, Mark Leonard, Andrew Wilson - 15 October, 2010

    The EU needs to build a trialogue on security with Russia and Turkey

    Drone Attacks: Why New Wars Need New Rules

    Anthony Dworkin - 14 October, 2010

    Obama’s increased use of drone attacks has left many people on both sides of the Atlantic unsure how to react. A new approach, based on human rights principles, is needed to assess their permissibility.

    Making sense of Europe's puzzling China policy

    François Godement - 12 October, 2010

    A trade deal with South Korea proves that Europe can get things done when it wants. So why is the EU's policy with China such a puzzle? Perhaps it should learn from Germany, which is showing how to talk tough to Beijing while still achieving its aims.

    Where does Liu Xiaobo's Nobel leave Europe?

    Susi Dennison - 8 October, 2010

    China's anger over the award of the Nobel peace prize to Liu Xiaobo leaves the EU with a hard question to answer: Should it stick to its human rights principles or should it look to compromise on its values in pursuit of the world's most important rising power?

    Navel gazing won't help at the UN

    Richard Gowan - 6 October, 2010

    The EU's place as an international power depends more on its actions than on its status at the UN. If Europe concentrates on tackling real-world challenges through the UN system it can keep the United Nations relevant; concentrating on matters of status only makes the EU look…

    Europe meets China: time for the mouse to roar

    François Godement - 5 October, 2010

    On Wednesday Brussels hosts an EU-China Summit. Will Europe be able to take advantage of the opportunity? Or will it lack a real sense of urgency, like the Chinese Qing court in the middle of the 19th century, and see the rest of the world move on without it?  

    Asia doesn't forget about Europe when trade is involved

    Jonas Parello-Plesner - 4 October, 2010

    Many European economies might be struggling, but when it comes to trade it still counts. A new agreement over trade with South Korea has sent a strong signal, ahead of this week's EU-Korea summit, that Europe is still a serious and important global player.

    China Analysis: Geopolitics on Chinese Terms

    François Godement - 4 October, 2010

    How does China think it should deal with Europe and the world?

    Happy Birthday, New Germany!

    Ulrike Guérot - 1 October, 2010

    The New Germany turns twenty this weekend. The country is rightly celebrating unification, and the economic success that has followed. But Berlin seems unable to cope with the new pivotal role in Europe that stems from its success story. Instead of looking for somebody else to…