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Vladimir Shopov

Visiting Fellow

Languages: English, Bulgarian, basic German, basic Russian
Areas of Expertise: Central and south-east Europe in the EU, China in central, eastern, and south-east Europe, EU politics and EU conditionality

Vladimir Shopov is a visiting fellow with the Wider Europe Programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

He was a full-time lecturer in politics at Sofia University (2004-2006) and an adjunct professor at Sofia University (1997-1998) and the New Bulgarian University (2012-2014). He has been an external lecturer on the European Union, NATO, security, and south-eastern European affairs at the Diplomatic Institute of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2004. He is currently teaching on Asian Affairs in the Politics Department of Sofia University as an adjunct professor. He has been a foreign affairs columnist at Forbes Bulgaria since 2011. He is a co-founder and columnist of, a Bulgarian website for analytical journalism.

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