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Andrzej Mendel-Nykorowycz

Programme Coordinator, ECFR Warsaw

Languages: English, Polish

Andrzej Mendel-Nykorowycz is the programme coordinator of the Warsaw office of the European Council on Foreign Relations. Mendel-Nykorowycz joined ECFR in October 2016. Previously, he was an intern at the Centre for International Relations in Warsaw. He graduated in from the University of Warsaw in International Relations and from Aberystwyth University in International Politics, with a focus on Middle Eastern politics.

  • Report

    How to govern a fragmented EU: What Europeans said at the ballot box

    by Susi Dennison, Mark Leonard, and Pawel Zerka
    With Teresa Coratella, Josef Janning, Andrzej Mendel-Nykorowycz, and José Ignacio Torreblanca - 19th June, 2019

    The results of the European election confront EU leaders with a considerable challenge: navigating a new, more fragmented, and polarised political environment



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