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Ben Judah

Former Policy Fellow

Ben Judah used to work for ECFR as Policy Fellow.



By Ben Judah

  • Europe's role in fighting corruption in Russia (Commentary)

    Ben Judah - 09 March 2012

    The re-election of Vladimir Putin presents the EU with an opportunity to encourage reform in Russia. It should set up an EU-Russia anti corruption dialogue and work harder to prevent the proceeds of corruption ending up in Europe.


    The hobbled summit (Commentary)

    Ben Judah & Jana Kobzova - 14 December 2011

    As the EU and Russia hold their latest summit neither side can boast that they are in the best of health. But the summit is important for symbolic reasons - and there are several practical issues that they can address at the same time.


    Russia's post-BRIC election (Commentary)

    Ben Judah & Jana Kobzova - 08 December 2011

    Russia in 2010 was as corrupt as Papua New Guinea, had the property rights of Kenya and was as competitive as Sri Lanka. As Putin readies himself to retake the presidency he must also work out how to deal with a country that is now firmly post-BRIC.


    Mother Russia, Father Putin (Commentary)

    Ben Judah - 15 November 2011

    Russia's foreign policy over the coming decade will bear the signature of Vladimir Putin, as Russia seeks new alliances and international clout. The price that Russia is likely to pay is international isolation


    Same Putin, different Russia (Commentary)

    Ben Judah - 07 October 2011

    It looks like Vladimir Putin is heading back towards the Russian presidency that he first took over in December 1999. Putin's politics have changed little since then, but Russia is now a very different place and the Russians themselves want very different things.


    Britain on Russia: Adrift in Europe (Commentary)

    Ben Judah - 14 February 2011

    As Sergei Lavrov visits London, Britain needs to rethink its approach to Russia if it is to benefit from strong economic ties with Moscow. This need not mean that it has to compromise on its tough stance on human rights issues, provided it tries to push for a more united EU voice on Russia.

    Immigrant Russia - a crisis of demography or ethnicity? (Commentary)

    Ben Judah - 26 October 2010

    One of the gravest challenges to Russia is thought to be the country's demographic crisis. But once migrants are taken into account the numbers don't look quite as bad. However this could have the result of turning a demographic crisis into an ethnic one. 

    Europe?s most persecuted people? (Commentary)

    Ben Judah - 08 September 2010

    Roma numbers are rising, while President Sarkozy's recent campaign against the Roma people highlights their growing persecution across Europe. Ben Judah argues that there is a real danger that a large proportion of the EU’s population could effectively end up being second-class citizens.