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Tarek Megerisi

Visiting Fellow

Languages: English, Arabic
Areas of Expertise: Libyan affairs, and politics, governance and development in the Arab world.

Tarek Megerisi is a political analyst and researcher who specialises in Libyan affairs and more generally politics, governance and development in the Arab world. He started his career in Tripoli, Libya with the Sadeq Institute and various INGOs providing diverse research and democratisation assistance to Libya’s post-revolutionary authorities between 2012-2014.

Since 2014 Tarek returned to London and has been working freelance as an analyst and researcher: advising on Libya policy to a range of international missions to Libya, commentating on Libyan developments for publications like Foreign Policy and co-authoring policy briefs or assisting in the Libya programming of a variety of think-tanks. He has also authored commissioned papers for organisations such as WPF and the Legatum Institute and contributed to wider publications for journals like ISPI. Over 2017 he was part of the UN OHCHR team to update the Pinheiro Principles on Home, Land & Property Rights for the Middle East.

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