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Daniel Stefanov

Programme Coordinator, ECFR Sofia

Languages: English, Bulgarian

Daniel Stefanov is the programme coordinator for the Sofia office of the European Council on Foreign Relations. 

Stefanov joined ECFR as Sofia office coordinator in September 2017. Previously, he has worked as a spokesperson for the UNHCR in Bulgaria. In addition, he was the Information Director of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence. Between 2009 and 2014, he was cabinet member at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence. He has supported and observed elections in Bulgaria and countries such as Macedonia, Russia, Pakistan and Malawi.

Stefanov holds an MA degree from Central European University in Budapest. He teaches courses on democracy, elections, and media at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. 

  • BNR

    10th September, 2019

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    01st July, 2019

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    05th June, 2019

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    28th May, 2019

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    09th April, 2019

    Даниел Стефанов: Няма застраховани от външна намеса на евроизборите.


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