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Camille Lons

Programme Coordinator, Middle East and North Africa

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic

Camille Lons is a Programme Coordinator with ECFR's Middle East and North Africa Programme. Her topics of interest include the politics of the Gulf region and security cooperation.

Lons previously conducted field research on the spill over effects of the Syrian conflict for local NGOs in Jordan and Lebanon . She divides her time between the ECFR London and Paris offices.

  • Onshore balancing: The threat to Oman's neutrality (Commentary)

    Camille Lons - 03 April 2019

    Oman's decision to grant the US Navy access to strategically important ports reflects intensifying global rivalry between the US and China. Europe can work to keep Oman a neutral mediator.

    Cover: Irak : quels enjeux pour l’Europe ?

    Irak : quels enjeux pour l'Europe ?

    Podcast de notre BCM du 5 février « Irak : quels enjeux pour l'Europe ? » en présence de Delphine O, députée La République En Marche, Florence Gaub, directrice adjointe de l'Institut d'études de sécurité de l'Union européenne(EUISS)et modéré par Camille Lons, coordinatrice du programme Afrique du Nord et Moyen-Orient (MENA)de l’ECFR.

    Listen online   

    Oman: between Iran and a hard place (Commentary)

    Camille Lons - 03 May 2018

    Oman has historically been careful to balance its relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran, allowing it to play a useful role mediating regional disputes. However, as the region’s anti-Iran rhetoric is ramping up and the Sultanate is having to deal with its own domestic issues, neutrality is becoming harder to maintain.