App-solutely necessary? Technology as a way out of the coronavirus crisis

Word on the street seems to suggest that technology will be the way out of the coronavirus crisis and the lockdowns in many European countries. This seems to be confirmed by a multitude of projects such as the EU’s Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (PEPP-PT), whose the aim of which is to make it possible to interrupt new chains of infection with the coronavirus.Through apps and data sharing, we will be able to track the spread of the virus, those infected and those who instead developed a degree of immunity to the disease and thus are allowed to return to participate normally in society. As good as it sounds, however, the issue comes with its own set of profound ethical questions regarding individual rights such as privacy and consent. and collective privacy. Our Host Mark Leonard is joined by ECFR experts Ulrike Franke and Anthony Dworkin and as well as independent researcher and broadcaster Stephanie Hare to break down the current discourse around tech in the age of corona and its implications.

This podcast was recorded on 15 April 2020.



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