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In our weekly series, Mark Leonard and guests explore the big issues in foreign policy.

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The Aachen Treaty: A closer Franco-German relationship?

Anthony Dworkin steps in for Mark Leonard and speaks with Almut Möller, Manuel Lafont Rapnouil and Tom Nuttall about how significant the new treaty of friendship between France and Germany is. The podcast was recorded on the 17 January 2019. Bookshelf: Iron Kingdom by Christopher Clark  Wir sind ja nicht zum Spaß hier: Reportagen, Satiren und andere Gebrauchstexte by Deniz Yügel  La Faiblesse du vrai: Ce que la post-vérité fait à notre monde commun by Myriam Revault…Listen to podcast

Official portrait and opening ceremony Emmanuel Macron (President of France) and Angela Merkel (Federal Chancellor of Germany) by NATO (cropped) - CC BY-NC-ND