• The Washington Post

    31st July, 2018

    Tareq Baconi finds the only way to conclusively defuse the persistent violence between Israel and Hamas is for external parties to mediate a cease-fire that commits to three longer-term goals

    BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight

    25th July, 2018

    Julien Barnes-Dacey discusses the firing of two surface-to-air missiles in Israeli airspace, at minute 33. 


    21st July, 2018

    Hugh Lovatt quoted on the Gaza ceasefire.


    21st July, 2018

    Hugh Lovatt speaks about the current round of escalations in Gaza sparked by the death of an Israeli soldier shot near the border.

    Al Bawaba

    09th July, 2018

    Hugh Lovatt comments on a proposed port for Gaza in Cyprus and divergence between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority on the project.

    Heinrich Böll Stiftung

    20th June, 2018

    In a report for Heinrich Böll Foundation, Hugh Lovatt sketches out what the EU can do to prevent escalation in Jerusalem.

    Le Monde

    19th May, 2018

    Richard Gowan quoted by Le Monde following the announcement that the UN Human Rights Council will launch an investigation following the violence in Gaza.

    La Croix

    16th May, 2018

    Following mass protests in Gaza, Camille Lons is quoted by La Croix regarding the perception of the situation in the Middle East.


    15th May, 2018

    Is it time for a new Palestinian peace strategy, asks Jugh Lovatt in a commentary for the Italian Institute for International Political Studies.

    La Razón

    12th May, 2018

    Hugh Lovatt is quoted regarding the inauguration of the headquarters of the US delegation in Jerusalem.

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