• Third time lucky in Geneva

    Ellie Geranmayeh - 25 November, 2013

    The E3+3 and Iran met for a third time in Geneva to sign an interim agreement on the future of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. While not perfect, the deal is a springboard for future negotiations and sets a solid foundation for talks between the E3+3 and Iran to continue.

    The Gulf and sectarianism

    Fatima Ayub - 13 November, 2013

    How sectarian agendas shape the politics of the Middle East

    A Westphalia moment at Geneva?

    Fatima Ayub - 13 November, 2013

    The most problematic component of political and strategic competition in the MENA region has been the cultivation and manipulation of sectarian agendas. The Geneva meetings over Iran's nuclear programme, however, may prove to be the beginning of the end to the region’s…

    French resistance to a deal with Iran: un petit problème?

    Ellie Geranmayeh - 11 November, 2013

    Fingers are pointing to the French for stalling a joint statement between the E3+3 and Iran over its nuclear programme. But there's still room to remain positive about the pace at which diplomacy can come to fruition in these talks.

    Assessing the talks with Iran: a step towards pragmatism

    Ellie Geranmayeh - 22 October, 2013

    There has been consensus amongst the negotiators that the discussions had been positively led by Iran in a very different manner than previous talks. The key message from these rounds of talks is that the Iranian team provided details for their proposal rather than a vague or…

    On Iran, Obama’s bigger challenge is with his allies

    Mark Leonard - 21 October, 2013

    There is a tantalising prospect that the Iranian regime could become a partner to the US, rather than a rival. But when it comes to the Middle East, Obama’s thorniest problems come not from his enemies, but from his friends.

    Syria: the view from Iran

    Jubin Goodarzi - 15 June, 2013

    Seven takeaways from the Gaza ceasefire

    Daniel Levy - 23 November, 2012

    Did Israel's "Operation Pillar of Defense" change the politics of the Middle East? Who are the winners and losers of the Gaza conflict - and what's next after the Israel-Hamas ceasefire?  

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