Middle East and North Africa

  • Libya: time to focus on the outcomes

    Nick Witney - 16 March, 2011

    It is time to get real about Libya. All the huffing and puffing of Western leaders has yet to bring Gaddafi’s house crashing down. Instead, European leaders must think about what realistic outcomes they might be able to help achieve.  

    Will the EU win glory on the shores of Tripoli?

    Richard Gowan - 9 March, 2011

    Western military planners are examining options for deposing Gaddafi. But somebody also needs to think about an international peace operation to stabilise Libya, whether to oversee the dictator's negotiated exit or clean up afterwards. Could this be a role for a UN-mandated…

    After the revolution: Europe and the transition in Tunisia

    Susi Dennison, Anthony Dworkin, Nicu Popescu, Nick Witney - 9 March, 2011

    Tunisians need European help to turn their revolution into a democracy

    What Europe needs to do on Libya

    Daniel Korski with contributions from other ECFR policy fellows - 25 February, 2011

    The EU needs to act on Libya. If it doesn't, the consequences for Europe – in terms of migration, energy revenues and support for terrorism – could be disasterous. Here are eight concrete steps that European leaders should consider taking.  

    Europe and Tunisia: After complicity, complacency

    Nick Witney - 25 February, 2011

    Tunisians see Europe as complicit with the old regime of President Ben Ali, and were disappointed by the slow reaction of European leaders to their revolution. But they are willing to forgive, if their neighbours to the north makes amends by offering prompt and generous help as…

    Don't abandon Tunisia

    Anthony Dworkin - 25 February, 2011

    Tunisia's democrats have made an amazing start, after launching the wave of popular uprisings that are continuing to rock the Arab world. But they worry that the world will forget them as they embark upon the massive project of rebuilding a new Tunisia.

    Rebuilding Libya

    Richard Gowan - 23 February, 2011

    Libya is in chaos, and Colonel Gaddafi seems determined to hang on to power at any expense. But he has already lost control of large swathes of the country, the security forces and bureaucracy, and it is not premature to start planning for a post-Gaddafi Libya.

    Taming Libya's mad dog

    Daniel Korski and Fabrizio Tassinari - 22 February, 2011

    If there ever was a need and an opportunity for Europe to show its muscles, Colonel Gaddafi is providing one. The test is a different one for the EU after the turmoil in Tunisia, Egypt and beyond, but European leaders can no longer look the other way.