• Don't abandon Tunisia (Commentary)

    Anthony Dworkin - 25 February 2011

    Tunisia's democrats have made an amazing start, after launching the wave of popular uprisings that are continuing to rock the Arab world. But they worry that the world will forget them as they embark upon the massive project of rebuilding a new Tunisia.

    Rebuilding Libya (Commentary)

    Richard Gowan - 23 February 2011

    Libya is in chaos, and Colonel Gaddafi seems determined to hang on to power at any expense. But he has already lost control of large swathes of the country, the security forces and bureaucracy, and it is not premature to start planning for a post-Gaddafi Libya.

    Taming Libya's mad dog (Commentary)

    Daniel Korski and Fabrizio Tassinari - 22 February 2011

    If there ever was a need and an opportunity for Europe to show its muscles, Colonel Gaddafi is providing one. The test is a different one for the EU after the turmoil in Tunisia, Egypt and beyond, but European leaders can no longer look the other way.

    The Middle East needs Germany (Commentary)

    Daniel Korski and Ben Judah - 18 February 2011

    The fall of Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt has not so much given Israel a headache as a migraine. Europe - and Germany in particular - needs to play a leading role in reassuring Israel and keeping Middle East peace on track.


    Who Lost the Eastern Mediterranean? (Commentary)

    Richard Gowan - 07 February 2011

    For all the talk of a 'global Europe', the EU struggles to influence its neighbours in the Eastern Mediterranean. Its uncertainty over Egypt is indicative of a wider loss of direction in the EU's regional policies. 

    Europe must stand behind Egypt's democrats (Commentary)

    Emma Bonino and Anthony Dworkin - 04 February 2011

    Europe went through its own year of democratic revolutions in 1989, yet its reaction to events in north Africa has lacked passion and purpose. European leaders meeting for a summit in Brussels must seize the opportunity to commit themselves to a strategy that puts them firmly on the side of democracy in the Middle East.

    Don't just speak with one voice: Act! (Commentary)

    José Ignacio Torreblanca - 01 February 2011

    EU member states worry too much about speaking with one voice. But endless unified expressions of 'interest and concern' about the situation in Tunisia and Egypt show that the problem is that others aren't listening because we often have little to say.


    Lessons from Tripoli (Commentary)

    Susi Dennison - 16 December 2010

    There are two important lessons to be learned from last month's EU-Africa summit. First, Europe needs to reassert its diplomatic clout after a post-Lisbon period of uncertainty. Second, it needs to think more cleverly about how to promote its values in a world where our economic and political models are no longer unquestioningly accepted.

    Egypt's election: Watch this space (Commentary)

    Susi Dennison - 30 November 2010

    The first round of Egypt's elections suffered from irregularities and unfair competition, yet this received little coverage abroad. This must change, especially if Egypt is to be thought of as a benchmark for political progress in the wider Middle East.

    Why Europe's military cutbacks will hurt Africa (Commentary)

    Richard Gowan - 16 November 2010

    Rampant defence cuts throughout the EU will probably spell the end of European countries' little-known but important interventions in African conflicts. This invites humanitarian disasters on parts of the map that increasingly small numbers of European citizens could identify.

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    Past events

    Where next for Syrians ?

    Paris - 17 May 19

    Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à une table-ronde avec Jasmine El-Gamal, Bassma Kodmani et Julien Barnes-Dacey sur le thème suivant : « Where next for Syrians ? ».

    Where next for Syria?

    Berlin - 14 May 19

    Discussion of recent developments in Syria and the implications for European policy toward the ongoing crisis. 

    Quelle issue pour la situation en Libye ?

    Paris - 03 May 19

    Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à un Black Coffee Morning, en présence de Tarek Megerisi, Mary Fitzgerald et Virginie Collombier, sur le thème suivant : « Quelle issue pour la situation en Libye ? ».

    Le retour des combattants terroristes étrangers dans l’Union Européenne

    Paris - 28 Mar 19

    Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à un Black Coffee Morning, en présence de Marc Hecker, Sharon Weill, Anthony Dworkin et Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, directeur du bureau de Paris de l’ECFR sur le thème suivant : « Le retour des combattants terroristes étrangers dans l’Union Européenne ». 

    Yémen : sortir de l’impasse après 4 ans de guerre

    Paris - 20 Mar 19

    Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à un événement en présence de Radhya Almutawakel, Adam Baron, Aymeric Elluin, Lucile Grosjean et Camille Lons, coordinatrice du programme MENA de l'ECFR. sur le thème suivant : « Yémen : sortir de l'impasse après 4 ans de guerre​ ».

    Conferencia: Migraciones en el mundo Árabe

    Madrid - 12 Feb 19

    Conferencia, celebrada en colaboración con Casa Árabe, para tratar las cuestiones migratorias que conciernen a Europa y al Norte de África.

    Migration Cooperation across the Mediterranean

    Berlin - 11 Feb 19

    Following the launch of Tasnim Abderrahim's paper on migration in the mediterranean, the ECFR Berlin is hosting a lunch time event to discuss European cooperation with North Africa.