Saeed Alkharoumi

Saeed Alkharoumi (also spelled Said al-Harumi), born in the Negev village of Segev Shalom, in 1972, is the deputy chairman of Ra’am. Although he placed 15th on the Joint List's Knesset roster, he served in the Knesset between 2017-2019 as part of the framework of a rotation agreement within the Joint List. He acted as the head of the Supreme Steering Committee of Negev Arabs, vocally opposing the destruction of Bedouin tenements, and has also supported the recognition of unrecognised Negev villages.

Alkharoumi has stated that his primary intentions in the Knesset was the improvement of educational facilities in unrecognized villages, the betterment of the treatment of the Bedouin community, as well as improvements in the economic development of Israel’s Arab and Bedouin populations. To achieve these aims, he asserted his readiness to collaborate with all Knesset members.