Experts : Wider Europe

Asli Aydıntaşbaş

Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: English, Turkish, conversational French
Areas of Expertise: Turkey and Turkish politics, the Kurdish issue (in Turkey and Iraq), democracy, media freedoms

Gustav Gressel

Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: German and English (fluent), Spanish and Polish (conversational)
Areas of Expertise: Eastern Europe, Russia, armed conflict and military affairs, defence policy, missile defence, missile proliferation

Jana Kobzova

Associate Fellow
Languages: Slovak, English, Russian, conversational French and German
Areas of Expertise: EU relations with Eastern Europe and Russia, democratisation in the post-Soviet states, Belarus, Central Asia

Mark Leonard

Languages: English, French, German
Areas of Expertise: Geo-politics and Geo-economics, China, EU-Russia relations, transatlantic relations, EU institutions, Public diplomacy and nation branding, UK foreign policy

Kadri Liik

Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: English, Russian, Estonian
Areas of Expertise: Russian domestic and foreign policy, relations between Russia and the West, the Baltic Sea area, Eastern Europe

Vessela Tcherneva

Deputy Director, ECFR; Head, ECFR Sofia Office
Languages: Bulgarian, English, German, Russian
Areas of Expertise: Foreign and Security policy, Transatlantic Relations, Regional Studies, EU enlargement, Balkans and the Black Sea region

Alida Vračić

Visiting Fellow
Languages: English, Bosnian/Croatian
Areas of Expertise: European integrations, Western Balkans politics, civil society, non –governmental organizations, good governance, and transitional countries.

Andrew Wilson

Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, some Belarusian, conversational French
Areas of Expertise: Ukraine, comparative politics of democratisation in the post-Soviet states, political technology

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