Experts : Asia & China

Jérôme Doyon

Associate Fellow
Languages: French, English, Chinese
Areas of Expertise: Chinese Domestic politics, Party system, Chinese Foreign Policy

Mathieu Duchâtel

Senior Policy Fellow and Deputy Director of the Asia and China Programme
Languages: English, French, Chinese, basic Japanese
Areas of Expertise: North East Asia, Chinese foreign policy, Asian maritime security, Korean peninsula, Taiwan and cross-strait relations

François Godement

Director of the Asia and China Programme, Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: French, English, Mandarin
Areas of Expertise: Chinese and East Asian strategic and international affairs, issues of integration and conflicts

Mark Leonard

Languages: English, French, German
Areas of Expertise: Geo-politics and Geo-economics, China, EU-Russia relations, transatlantic relations, EU institutions, Public diplomacy and nation branding, UK foreign policy

Angela Stanzel

Senior Policy Fellow and editor of China Analysis
Languages: German, English, Mandarin
Areas of Expertise: China’s history, politics and economics, East and South Asia’s foreign and security policy

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