How is covid-19 changing the transatlantic relationship?

Paris - 07 May 20

How will the tensions around the response to the coronavirus play out through the recovery from this crisis? Can EU states, with their diverse perspectives on the transatlantic relationship, come to a common understanding on how to engage with the US bilaterally and multilaterally, in what will be a highly competitive environment?

Virtual Roundtable “EU-China relations: what’s next?”

Rome - 30 Apr 20

What are the initial lessons learned for the EU from the coronavirus pandemic in dealing with China?

The War in Yemen and the Southern Question: what can Europe do?

Berlin - 11 Mar 20

Lunch discussion with ECFR and external experts on the Yemen conflict and what Europe can do. 

Technological Sovereignty and the Return of Geopolitics - Implications for Europe and Japan

Berlin - 06 Mar 20

ECFR hosts a discussion with a German MP and a Japanese professor of International Politics.

Charting a European path in the Gulf

Berlin - 05 Mar 20

Morning discussion with ECFR and external experts on European involvement in the Gulf and its engagement with other regional actors.

Sanctions on Russia: Profits, Pitfalls and Prospects

Berlin - 04 Mar 20

Experts present a report on the effectiveness and downfalls of the sanctions that were imposed on Russia by the European Union and the United States in the aftermath of the illegal annexation of Crimea. 

The Brussels Effect: How the EU rules the world

Berlin - 02 Mar 20

We welcome you to join us when Anu Bradford presents her new book on the Brussels effect - a refreshingly positive perspective on the EUs dominant role in the world of trade and regulation.