The War in Yemen: prospects for peace?

London - 14 Nov 19

A Lunch Discussion on Yemen's role in the current Gulf crisis

Israeli Foreign Policy in a Changing World

London - 07 Nov 19

A breakfast discussion on Israeli foreign policy under Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu

Repatriating the children of ISIS members: the need for a pan-European effort

London - 06 Nov 19

An off-the-record discussion on the need for a pan-European effort for repatriating the children of ISIS members

European Foreign Policy In An Era Of Great Powers Competition

Rome - 04 Nov 19

How can the EU demonstrate resolve and respond to the interests of Russia, Turkey, Iran and Saudi-Arabia?

Europe’s bid to be a digital regulatory superpower: Implications for the US

Madrid - 23 Oct 19

ECFR Madrid, en colaboración con Telefonica, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace y la Embajada de España en Washington, organizó el evento "La apuesta de Europa por ser un súper poder regulatorio: Implicaciones para EEUU" en Washington. 

Trust and Security in Cyberspace

Madrid - 21 Oct 19

ECFR Madrid, en colaboración con Telefónica y Microsoft, celebró un evento sobre Confianza y Seguridad en el Ciberespacio y sobre el Paris Call en Madrid. 

The next generation of Russian foreign policymakers

Paris - 17 Oct 19

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à un Black Coffee Morning en présence de Kadri Liik, Sergey Utkin et Joanna Hosa.

Deutsches und europäisches Engagement in der MENA Region?

Berlin - 16 Oct 19

Our monthly Foreign Policy Club format, this time on the topic of German and European foreign policy in the MENA region.