Will President Trump kill transatlanticism?

Tuesday, 12 November 2019, 18:30

ECFR Berlin, Entrance: Rosmarinstrasse 1, 10117 Berlin See in Google Maps


12th November, 2019

Frank Rose, Senior Fellow for Security and Strategy, Brookings Institution

Sylvia Chen, Lawyer & Robert Bosch Foundation Fellow

Chaired by:

Josef Janning, Senior Policy Fellow & Head of Berlin Office, ECFR

Given President Trump‘s long standing beliefs on the nature of alliances and US military deployments around the world, US foreign policy remains somewhat predictable in the short term. However, the Trump Administration's short-sighted focus has left many Europeans somewhat puzzled as to what the long-term strategy is for US foreign policy, or whether such a thing even exists anymore. Will the Trump Administration have such a lasting impact on US foreign policy that disregarding the long term becomes the norm, with allies in Europe thrown to the wayside with each shift of the political winds? Or will Trump's (eventual) successor adopt a more strategic foreign policy that seeks to address long-term issues such as climate change and a power shift away from a unipolar, American-led world order? And what does the future of US foreign policy mean for transatlantic ties and for Europe? Will Europe continue to be a vital ally to the US in the future, or will the transatlantic alliance be allowed to unravel amid global geo-political competition?

We invite you to discuss these questions and more with the Think Tank community, in the usual informal and off the record style of our Foreign Policy Club.

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