China’s Economy: Powerhouse, Menace or Next Japan?


London - bcm
12th April, 2016

Arthur R.Kroeber, Managing Director, Gavekal Dragonomics

Chaired by:

Agatha Kratz, Associate Policy Fellow, ECFR

The headwinds of a rapidly aging population, a battle against rampant corruption and an enormous national debt are also slowing China's growth. Will the country mature into a global economic leader, trigger a crisis, or stagnate like Japan? Arthur R.Kroeber, one of the world’s leading commentators on the Chinese economy, tackled these tough questions in this event.

Arthur R.Kroeber (@arkroeber) is founder of the Gavekal Dragonomics research service, editor of China Economic Quarterly and author of ‘China's Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know’.

Agatha Kratz (@AgathaKratz) is an Associate Policy Fellow for ECFR's Asia & China Programme. She recently co-authored an ECFR publication entitled ‘China, the yuan and the IMF: Double or quits?’. She is a PhD candidate at King’s College London’s Lau China Institute and until December 2015, Agatha was Editor-in-Chief of ECFR’s China Analysis.

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