After Berlin: What options for peace in Libya?

Tuesday, 11 February

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11th February, 2020

Anas El Gomati, Director, Sadeq Institute

Elham Saudi, Director, Lawyers For Justice in Libya

Chaired by:

Tarek Megerisi, Policy Fellow, ECFR

The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) will host a breakfast discussion analysing peace options in Libya following the Berlin Conference.

The Berlin conference, held on the 19th January, bought together heads of state to sign an agreement that was supposed to herald a new approach on Libya and a fresh attempt to return to the political process. However, in the few weeks since the pomp and circumstance of Berlin it seems that nothing much has changed.

Although the Berlin Conference was not able to forge a ceasefire within Libya, it did create a foundation for further diplomatic activity, and a framework for a future process in Libya. As the situation on the ground remains volatile, we will discuss what options remain available to coerce belligerents towards a ceasefire, push forwards with the process outlined in Berlin and to work multilaterally to push for de-escalation and stabilisation in Libya.

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