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Past events

In search of security: Central Europe

Warsaw - 22 Jan 19

What should Poland's and Germany's contribution to the region's security look like?

New Europe: What Shape Will it Take?

Warsaw - 08 Jun 18

The European Union has entered one of the crucial moments in its history.

EU-Turkey deal two years on: Prospect of European migration policy

Warsaw - 25 Apr 18

How to secure borders while upholding the right to asylum?

Strategic autonomy for the EU? How Europe can better care for its security

Warsaw - 15 Mar 18

What is the meaning of Euroepan strategic autonomy and can PESCO help achieve it?

Ideas for a renewed European Union:more protective, less rigid, still cohesive?

Warsaw - 10 Jan 18

Lecture and debate with Mark Leonard, Co-Founder and Director of ECFR.

Transformation or isolation? EU policy towards its Eastern neighbours

Warsaw - 23 Nov 17

How to reform the Eastern Partnership in order to adapt it not only to changing circumstances, but also to the needs and expectations of both sides?

Will Trump Divide or Unite Europe? EU-US relations at a crossroads

Warsaw - 22 Jun 17

Will the new American foreign policy further divide and insulate Europe, limiting its actual ability to act on the international level?