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America’s Choice, Europe’s Predicament: the EU and U.S. in the world after the Obama era

Warsaw - 16 Sep 16

What Trump or Clinton presidency would mean for the NATO and for Europe?

Scenarios for the Eastern Neighbourhood

Warsaw - 31 May 16

Where is Russia heading and what does it mean for Poland and the EU

Moskwa, Waszyngton i Damaszek: czy współpraca jest rzeczywiście możliwa?

Warsaw - 17 Mar 16

Debata publiczna pt. "Moskwa, Waszyngton i Damaszek: czy  współpraca jest rzeczywiście możliwa?" oraz seminarium eksperckie „Transatlantycka strategia wobec Rosji 2016”.

Refugee crisis: Options for the EU

Warsaw - 10 Mar 16

Public debate on the refugee crisis with international experts

How are the international crises changing the EU?

Warsaw - 25 Feb 16

ECFR Scorecard 2016 highlights EU's diminishing ability to influence its neighbours, and the neighbourhood's growing impact on the EU.

Europe at war

Warsaw - 07 Dec 15

What policy towards Syria and Islamic State after attacks in Paris is needed?

Europe and the refugees

Warsaw - 23 Sep 15

What kind of solidarity is needed, how much of solidarity is possible.

EU policy towards Belarus: time for another reset?

Warsaw - 07 Sep 15

Is “the last dictatorship in Europe” seeking a genuine agreement with the West?