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Past events

Is Europe disintegrating?

Warsaw - 25 Apr 17

Lecture organised by the University of Warsaw in cooperation with the Warsaw Office of ECFR.

Russian Heavy Metal Diplomacy

Warsaw - 03 Feb 17

Russia conducts "guerilla geopolitics" and any response has to be underpinned by an understanding of its political aims and strategy.

European Recap of 2016. EU’s main challenges at a glance

Warsaw - 05 Dec 16

The Migratory Crisis: a test for European effectiveness and solidarity?

Europe’s Pivotal Choice?

Warsaw - 25 Nov 16

French and German Elections and the Future of the EU

Ukraine fatigue? How the EU should support Ukrainian transformation…

Warsaw - 22 Nov 16

What are implications for the EU from the last three years of Ukraine’s transformation and the Minsk process? 

The Race for Eurasia: the EU in the face of Chinese and Russian integration projects

Warsaw - 18 Oct 16

The Eurasian Economic Union and the New Silk Road differ in many aspects, but both force the European Union to deeply rethink the region.

How is Berlin leading Europe: German dilemmas, fears from Central Europe

Warsaw - 07 Oct 16

Are the German policy circles able to meet the objectives set by them?