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Past events

Europe, what’s next? Strategic challenges

Warsaw - 03 May 19

Discussion of strategic challenges facing Europe during the European Economic Congress in Katowice.

Who can help us build the world? EU and the crisis of multilateralism

Warsaw - 26 Feb 19

Will "the jungle grow back" and power politics replace the liberal order?

In search of security: Central Europe

Warsaw - 22 Jan 19

What should Poland's and Germany's contribution to the region's security look like?

New Europe: What Shape Will it Take?

Warsaw - 08 Jun 18

The European Union has entered one of the crucial moments in its history.

EU-Turkey deal two years on: Prospect of European migration policy

Warsaw - 25 Apr 18

How to secure borders while upholding the right to asylum?

Strategic autonomy for the EU? How Europe can better care for its security

Warsaw - 15 Mar 18

What is the meaning of Euroepan strategic autonomy and can PESCO help achieve it?