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Past events

What Does Ukraine Think? Reforms and oligarchs after the Maidan

Sofia - 25 Jun 15

Is it possible for a state to reform during war and to what extend the Ukrainians want that?

A fresh start for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Sofia - 13 May 15

To which extent can Bulgaria win or lose from the signing of TTIP? Is the criticism against it populism? Are there concrete elements of the agreement from which Bulgaria can truly benefit? These questions will be addressed during the discussion, organised by ECFR - Sofia.

What is happening in Russia and how should the EU respond?

Sofia - 08 May 15

After the Ukraine crisis, the EU saw a lot of its own mistakes and managed to respond unanimously but what are its possible future moves? This question was addressed during our discussion with ivan Krastev and Maria Lipman in Sofia.

Does the EU need an investment treaty with China?

Sofia - 29 Apr 15

An event, presenting ECFR's policy brief "The European Interest in an investment treaty with China" in which Francois Godement and Angela Stanzel explore what leverage Europeans have to negotiate the long waited BIT with China

The Islamic State – is the tide turning?

Sofia - 12 Mar 15

An event, presenting the ECFR report "The Islamic State through the Regional Lens", discussing the struggle with ISIS and the role of Europe in it.

EU in the Era of Global Confrontation? European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2015

Sofia - 04 Feb 15

The Scorecard is a tool that provides a systematic assessment of Europe’s performance in dealing with the rest of the world.