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Past events

Duality of the crisis in Europe:  Solidarity and foreign policy to a test

Sofia - 05 Feb 16

The ability to find and keep finding joint European solutions to the crisis will have a lasting impact on our abilities to act united in the future.

The Russian military transformation and what does it mean for Europe?

Sofia - 10 Dec 15

The reforms initiated in response to the invasion of Georgia in 2008, have left Russia with a military that would make short work of any of its neighbours.

Internal and external dimensions of the refugee crisis in Europe

Sofia - 24 Nov 15

The terrorist attacks in Paris prompted calls for active foreign policy action and at the same time exposed the deepening European divisions that stem from the response to the refugee crisis.

Teaching War. How Croatian schoolbooks changed and why it matters

Sofia - 23 Nov 15

Today, textbook authors across the Balkans face the challenge of explaining wars and war crimes, fascism, communism, ethnic cleansing and systematic violations of human rights in their recent past.

The Refugee Crisis and Its Implications for the European Union. Mapping the Right EU Policies

Sofia - 16 Nov 15

ECFR Sofia organises an international workshop on the possible responses to the refugee crisis.

EU in a changing global environment: what next for EU’s neighbours

Sofia - 23 Jul 15

International round table discussion with think-tank representatives in the framework of EU’s Global Foreign Policy Strategy Review and the review of the European Neighbourhood Policy with the participation of Federica Mogherini.