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Past events

Young China Watchers

Berlin - 02 Dec 16

Book presentations: 'The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century' and 'Post-Western World: How Emerging Powers Are Remaking Global Order'

BCM “Chinas neue Anti-Terror-Strategie”

Berlin - 01 Dec 16

Ein Black Coffee Morning zu Chinas neuer Strategie zur Terrorismusbekämpfung.

BCM „Neuer Krieg gegen den Terror?!“

bcm - Berlin - 02 Nov 16

Ein Black Coffee Morning über rechtlichen Grundlagen und die Effektivität europäischer Anti-Terror-Einsätze.

BCM “What does India think about Europe? And why?”

Berlin - 11 Oct 16

Ein Black Coffee Morning zu der indischen Perspektive auf Europa.

Europe seen from the outside: What does India think about Europe? And why?

Berlin - 10 Oct 16

Sunaina Kumar, a Delhi-based independent journalist and Media Ambassador India-Germany 2016, presented the Indian perspective on Europe. 

Turkey revisited: a European foreign policy of migration

Berlin - 06 Oct 16

In a public debate, Almut Möller discussed with Gerald Knaus and Roderick Parks, European border management and migration.