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Past events

Western Balkans in Focus

Berlin - 06 Mar 19


Understanding the role of third actors & looking for solutions to tackle the brain drain

One step closer - Georgia, EU-integration, and the settlement of the frozen conflicts?

Berlin - 28 Feb 19

Black Coffee Morning in cooperation with Georgia's Reforms Associates (GRASS). 

Migration Cooperation across the Mediterranean

Berlin - 11 Feb 19

Following the launch of Tasnim Abderrahim's paper on migration in the mediterranean, the ECFR Berlin is hosting a lunch time event to discuss European cooperation with North Africa. 

Ukraine 2027 - setting a new perspective?

Berlin - 29 Jan 19

5 years after the Maidan uprising we take a look at Ukraine's impressive progress. How can European partners uphold the momentum for reform and foster further EU integration of Ukraine? 

New rules for the game? The free trade multilateral order and the return of geopolitics

Berlin - 06 Dec 18

The panel will adress the impact of the US-China trade war for Europe and Japan.

Europa in der Mottenkiste? Sicherheitspolitik und die Zukunft des Multilateralismus

Berlin - 26 Nov 18

Mittagsgespräch zu einer aktiveren europäischen Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik und der Zukunft des Multilateralismus.