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Past events

Virtual Roundtable: How is covid-19 changing European economic sovereignty?

Berlin - Paris - 29 May 20

What does the corona crisis mean for economic coercion? 

Caring about Sharing: Die Zukunft der Nuklearen Teilhabe

Berlin - 15 May 20

Diskussionsrunde zum Thema Nukleare Teilhabe

The War in Yemen and the Southern Question: what can Europe do?

Berlin - 11 Mar 20

Lunch discussion with ECFR and external experts on the Yemen conflict and what Europe can do. 

Technological Sovereignty and the Return of Geopolitics - Implications for Europe and Japan

Berlin - 06 Mar 20

ECFR hosts a discussion with a German MP and a Japanese professor of International Politics.

Charting a European path in the Gulf

Berlin - 05 Mar 20

Morning discussion with ECFR and external experts on European involvement in the Gulf and its engagement with other regional actors.