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Past events

EU-China relations: the end of “Chimerica”?

Berlin - 18 Jul 19

Chen Dongxiao, President of the Shangai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) will discuss China’s perspective on its relationships with the EU and Germany.

Moldova’s Political Crisis: What’s next?

Berlin - 20 Jun 19

Dicussion on Moldova's ongoing political crisis, the reasons behind the different actors involvement and the challenges the new government now faces.

The Future of Israeli-Palestinian Peace after Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’

Berlin - 13 Jun 19

Discussion of the US 'peace' plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and EU's position and role in the peace process.

A religious war on the horizon?

Berlin - 22 May 19

Discussion about Russia-Ukraine relations after the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. 

Kingmakers of the Mainstream - EP Elections Predictions

Berlin - 17 May 19

Discussion about the European Elections with first predictions about the potential results based on data from our Unlock Project.