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Past events

Supporting Israeli-Palestinian Civil Society: What is the Future of International Funding?

London - 08 Oct 19

A lunchtime discussion on the future of international funding for Israeli-Palestinian NGOs and the challenges it faces

Artificial Intelligence and autonomy in warfare: the European approach

London - 03 Sep 19

A discussion workshop on Artificial Intelligence’s impact on geopolitics and warfare and what it means for Europe

Expecting the Unexpected?: the UK & the 2019 European elections

London - 21 May 19

With the UK now participating in the European Parliament elections, commentators have touted them as second referendum on Brexit. But what will mobilise voters to turn out, and what should we expect from the outcome? Will an anti-EU block emerge as the new political force, or will younger, pro-Europeans mobilise around an optimistic and progressive vision for Europe? and what does the result mean for the of Europe?

Turkey and the Transatlantic Alliance: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities in the Middle East

London - 25 Apr 19

How can differences between the US, EU, and Turkey be successful navigated in the Middle East?

US Sanctions & Economic Warfare: Impact for Europe

London - 04 Dec 18

Discussing US secondary sanctions

Midterms, sanctions, INF: where do we stand with US-Russia Relations?

London - 09 Nov 18

Developments in US-Russia relations