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Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations

London - bcm - 16 Apr 13

Alex Petriashvili, Georgia's State Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, will look at what developments can be expected in the next couple of months in Georgia’s relations with the West.

Why sanctions on Iran aren’t working?

London - bcm - 10 Apr 13

NIAC President Trita Parsi and Research Director Reza Marashi will present the findings of their report on Iranian sanctions together with an analysis of the dynamics at play in the negotiations between Iran and the P5+1.

Pulling Jerusalem Back From the Brink

London - 08 Apr 13

Following the screening of 'My Neighbourhood', a film which has just received a Peabody Award, co-director Julia Bach will answer questions from the audience.

Iraq, 10 years on: Looking back, looking forward

London - bcm - 21 Mar 13

Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Dr Toby Dodge, Hayder al-Koei and Daniel Levy will reflect on Iraq’s journey over the past ten years, widening concerns at the country’s current trajectory, as well as its regional influence.

Putin, Russia and the West

London - bcm - 13 Mar 13

Fiona Hill will look at if Vladimir Putin can re-invent himself once again or is his grip on power loosening? And is there a role for the West to play in these developments or shall it adopt a wait-and-see strategy?

Yemen: What are the prospects for the transition process?

London - bcm - 06 Mar 13

British Ambassador Nicholas Hopton will offer an off the record briefing on the situation in Yemen, the prospects for the transition process and the role of European and international actors in supporting that process.