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Past events

After Berlin: What options for peace in Libya?

London - 11 Feb 20

A breakfast discussion on the peace options in Libya following the Berlin conference.

War and pieces: Political divides in southern Yemen

London - 06 Feb 20

A lunch discussion on the recent challenges emerging from the Yemeni conflict and the EU's role

Iran-US: Preventing a Collision Course

London - 21 Jan 20

A lunch discussion on Iran-US tensions following the assassination of General Soleimani

The War in Yemen: prospects for peace?

London - 14 Nov 19

A Lunch Discussion on Yemen's role in the current Gulf crisis

Israeli Foreign Policy in a Changing World

London - 07 Nov 19

A breakfast discussion on Israeli foreign policy under Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu

Repatriating the children of ISIS members: the need for a pan-European effort

London - 06 Nov 19

An off-the-record discussion on the need for a pan-European effort for repatriating the children of ISIS members