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The new Indo-pacific: America, China, India and the future geopolitics of Asia

London - 07 Sep 18

Discussion on Asia's rapidly changing geopolitical scene

Battle for Hudayda: A defining moment for the future of Yemen?

London - 09 Jul 18

Discussion on the trajectory and consequences of the ongoing offensive in Hudayda, its potential effects on the humanitarian crisis, the challenges of stabilization, and its place within ongoing UN-led peace effort

Collapse: Europe after the European Union

London - 06 Jul 18

Book talk on Ian Kearns' new book: Collapse: Europe After The European Union

Winning the normative war with Russia

London - 27 Jun 18

How Europe can respond to the Russian challenge

Is Our China Policy Hostage to Transatlantic Relations?

London - 20 Jun 18

A follow-up to “China at the gates: A new power audit of EU – China relations” by François Godement & Abigaël Vasselier

Security and counter-terrorism in the Maghreb

London - 05 Jun 18

Exploring security and counter-terrorism strategies and issues of the Maghreb states