European Power


Ulrike Esther Franke

Policy Fellow
Languages: French, English, German
Areas of Expertise: German foreign and defence Policy; UAVs/drones; revolutions in military affairs; military technology

Jana Puglierin

Head, ECFR Berlin
Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: German, English, Italian
Areas of Expertise: German and European foreign, security and defence policy; Germany's role in Europe; transatlantic relations

Pawel Zerka

Policy Fellow
Languages: English, French, Spanish and Polish
Areas of Expertise: Latin America, EU affairs, international trade, Poland in the EU


Claire Busse

Project Assistant Rethink:Europe
Languages: German, English, French

Rafael Loss

Coordinator for Pan-European Data Projects
Languages: German, English
Areas of Expertise: German and European foreign and security policy; European integration; transatlantic relations; nuclear policy

Marlene Riedel

Communications Officer
Languages: German, English, Swedish, some French, reads and understands Danish and Norwegian