European Sovereignty


Susi Dennison

Director, European Power programme
Languages: English and French
Areas of Expertise: European foreign and security policy strategy; politics, political movements and cohesion within the EU; Flexible Union; European refugee and migration policy; human rights, democracy, and justice

Ellie Geranmayeh

Deputy Director, Middle East and North Africa programme
Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: English, Persian
Areas of Expertise: Europe-Iran relations; Iran nuclear deal and associated sanctions policy; Iranian foreign and domestic policy; Iran-Saudi relations

Jonathan Hackenbroich

Policy Fellow
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, some Arabic
Areas of Expertise: Geo-economics, economic statecraft, security, sanctions policy, German foreign policy

Lucie Haupenthal

Research Assistant to the Director
Languages: German, English and French
Areas of Expertise: EU Common Foreign and Security Policy, Transatlantic Relations, NATO

Mark Leonard

Languages: English, French, German
Areas of Expertise: Geopolitics and Geoeconomics; China; EU-Russia relations; transatlantic relations; EU politics and institutions; public diplomacy and nation branding; UK foreign policy

Nicu Popescu

Director, Wider Europe programme
Languages: English, Russian, French, Romanian
Areas of Expertise: Russian domestic and foreign policies; Eastern Partnership countries and their relations with the EU; post-Soviet conflicts; cybersecurity

Jenny Söderström

Programme Coordinator, European Power programme
Languages: Swedish, English, French, conversational Russian.
Areas of Expertise: European security and defence policy, Swedish foreign and domestic politics, conflict resolution/peace building, Russia, the Eastern Partnership countries

Jeremy Shapiro

Research Director
Languages: English
Areas of Expertise: Transatlantic relations; US foreign policy

Tara Varma profile picture

Tara Varma

Head, ECFR Paris
Policy Fellow
Languages: French, English, Spanish, Hindi
Areas of Expertise: French foreign policy; European security; politics and security in Asia

Nick Witney

Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: English, French, Arabic
Areas of Expertise: International relations; international security policy; European security and defence policy; military capabilities development; defence equipment cooperation; research and industry; Middle East and North Africa; the Middle East Peace Process

Pawel Zerka

Policy Fellow
Languages: English, French, Spanish and Polish
Areas of Expertise: Latin America, EU affairs, international trade, Poland in the EU