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  • Cover: The first beneficiaries of 1989

    The first beneficiaries of 1989

    Host Mark Leonard has an intimate discussion with our heads of offices from Sofia and Warsaw, Vessela Tcherneva and Piotr Buras about their experiences, hopes and dreams during the transition times of the 1990s. How did their life and future change the minute the Berlin Wall fell? What are this generation’s thoughts 30 years later and predications for Europe in the coming 30 years?

    This podcast was recorded on 21 November 2019.


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    Cover: Russia’s 1989

    Russia's 1989

    In the second in our series on the events of 1989 and how they will shape our world for decades to come, host Mark Leonard is joined by Fyodor Lukyanov. Lukyanov is Editor-in-Chief of Russia in Global Affairs, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and Research Director of the Valdai International Discussion Club. In this podcast, recorded in Dubai, the two discuss America's and Russia's differing views on the Cold War and its end. The trauma of 1989, but also the euphoria it generated in Europe, and Putin's development as a political actor, are set into context. This context allows for a multifaceted understanding of the events of 1989.It also allows the arc of Russian foreign policy to be traced to today, and in doing so provides a useful accompaniment to the Eurocentric 1989 celebrations.

    This podcast was recorded on 4 November 2019.


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    Cover: What is Europe’s maritime security role in the South China Sea?

    What is Europe's maritime security role in the South China Sea?

    Le podcast de notre BCM du 24 juin « What is Europe's maritime security role in the South China Sea? » en présence de Mathieu Duchâtel, directeur du programme Asie à l’Institut Montaigne, Delphine O, ambassadrice et secrétaire générale de la Conférence mondiale de l’ONU et John Nilsson-Wright, senior fellow au programme AsiaPacific de Chatman House.

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    ECFR Berlin: Kooperation und Konflikt in der EU

    Eine Podiumsdiskussion mit
    Anne-Marie Descôtes, Botschafterin der Französischen Republik in Deutschland
    Michael Roth, Staatsminister für Europa, Auswärtiges Amt
    Moderation: Lykke Friis, Korrespondentin Berlingske, dänische Ministerin für Klima und Energie a.D.
    Input: Josef Janning, Leiter ECFR Berlin und Senior Policy Fellow

    Mehr Informationen unter:

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    Cover: Is it the end of liberal world order?

    Is it the end of liberal world order?

    The postwar liberal order has weakened whilst liberal democracy appears fragile and polarised. Mark Leonard speaks with Professor John Ikenberry from Princeton University about the decline of faith in democracy and whether Europe can save the world order.

    Richard Cobden, The Apostle Of Free Trade: His Political Career And Public Services
    Can Europe save the world order? by Anthony Dworkin and Mark Leonard

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    Cover: Is Italy facing a new political crisis?

    Is Italy facing a new political crisis?

    Mark Leonard speaks with Silvia Francescon and Nathalie Tocci about the brewing political crisis in Italy and what impact this could have on Europe as a whole.

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    Cover: Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality

    Mark Leonard speaks with Heidi Tworek, Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, about the potential damage to content providers that could follow from the US Federal Communication Commission’s decision to discard net neutrality. The podcast was recorded on 18 December 2017.


    Everyobody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

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    Cover: Emmanuel Macron and the future of Europe

    Emmanuel Macron and the future of Europe

    Mark Leonard speaks with Shahin Vallée, former Economic Advisor to the President of the European Council and to Emmanuel Macron when he was French Economy Minister. They discuss what Macron’s plans are for Europe and what it might lead to.


    L’Art de perdre by Alice Zeniter

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