• Deutsche Welle

    23rd May, 2019

    Pawel Zerka shares insight from our Unlock project in cooperation with YouGov about the impact of young voters in the upcoming European elections on Deutsche Welle. 

    20 Minutes

    22nd May, 2019

    Jose Ignacio Torreblanca is quoted by 20 Minutes regarding 2019's European elections and euroscepticism in Spain.

    The New York Times

    22nd May, 2019

    Karolina Wigura on the European election and what to learn from Poland.


    22nd May, 2019

    Mark Leonard opinion piece about how Pro-European parties can leverage voters’ anxieties to come out on top in the European election.

    El País

    21st May, 2019

    Our analyst Robin Ivan-Capar is quoted in El País in reference to the populist and Eurosceptic Croatian party Zivi Zid.

    El Confidencial

    21st May, 2019

    Statements by José Ignacio Torreblanca, Director of the Madrid Office, for the Spanish newspaper "El Confidencial" on the role of Spain in Europe.

    Foreign Policy

    20th May, 2019

    Mark Leonard talks to Foreign Policy about nationalism, traditional parties and the future of the European project.

    Le Figaro

    20th May, 2019

    Susi Dennison is quoted by Le Figaro regarding ECFR's study on European elections.

    La Croix

    20th May, 2019

    May 17th's Black Coffee Morning on European sovereignty is quoted by La Croix.


    19th May, 2019

    ECFR's study on European elections is quoted by L'Opinion.