• France Culture

    21st April, 2019

    Shoshana Fine is quoted by France Culture regarding Europe and the migration crisis.

    Le Monde

    19th April, 2019

    Mark Leonard is quoted by Le Monde regarding ECFR's latest report on European elections.

    Süddeutsche Zeitung

    18th April, 2019

    The Süddeutsche Zeitung is quoting the survey results of the Unlock project conducted by ECFR and YouGov. 


    17th April, 2019

    Bloomberg explains the voter groups identified in the new ECFR & YouGov survey about the upcoming European elections. 

    Deutsche Welle

    17th April, 2019

    Gustav Gressel is quoted by Deutsche Welle in the context of the Crimea visit by an AfD politician.

    17th April, 2019

    With the European elections approaching quickly, 97 million voters are still up for grabs. on the results of a new ECFR and YouGov survey about the European elections. 

    Die Presse

    17th April, 2019

    What European voters are actually worried about prior to the European elections on May 26. Die Presse about the results of a new survey by ECFR in cooperation with YouGov. 


    17th April, 2019

    Oľga Gyárfášová on European cohesion in the Slovakian newsoutlet Euractiv. 

    France Culture

    10th April, 2019

    ECFR's latest study results on 2019 European Elections are quoted by France Culture.

    Die Presse

    09th April, 2019

    Mark Leonard in Die Presse on the topics that actually matter to voters in the 2019 European elections.