Established in 2007, the ECFR Council has grown from 50 founding members to over 330 members from across Europe.

Currently chaired by Carl Bildt, Lykke Friis and Norbert Röttgen, our unique European strategic community includes serving foreign ministers, prime ministers, national ministers, members of national parliaments and the European Parliament, EU Commissioners, former NATO secretaries generals, renowned thinkers, journalists, business and civil society leaders. The Council gathers once a year as a full body for the Annual Council Meeting, hosted in a different European capital each year.

The Council is the strongest and most visible expression of ECFR's pan-European identity. Through their individual networks and collective engagement with ECFR policy and advocacy initiatives, Council Members help us to europeanise the national conversations in the EU capitals on the EU's foreign policy priorities and challenges.

Working alongside the ECFR Senior Management Team and policy staff across seven European offices and Brussels, the expertise and outreach of our Council Members ensure ECFR has a truly pan-European perspective.

Council membership brochure

Some of the members of the ECFR council.
From left: Norbert Roettgen, Timothy Garton Ash, Carl Bildt, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Mabel van Oranje, Coen van Oostrom, Javier Solana, Mark Leonard
  • 19 Heads of State and Govern­ment
  • 35 Prominent European Officials
  • 43 Business Leaders
  • 72 Civil Society Leaders
  • 11 Senior IO Officials
  • 26 Foreign Ministers
  • 8 Government Ministers
  • 19 Ambassadors
  • 44 Parliament­arians
  • 4 European Commis­sioners
  • 28 Academics
  • 24 Journalists and influencers