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Shaping Europe's Afghan Surge

25 Mar 09

Will the military surge in Afghanistan fail without a civilian surge?

Re-wiring the US-EU relationship

20 Jan 09

With the pivotal change of leadership in Washington, the US and the EU may have an ideal moment to strengthen the US-EU institutional bond.

Beyond dependence: How to deal with Russian gas

06 Jan 09

Could building a single European market in natural gas be the most effective strategy for the European Union in countering Russia's divisive energy diplomacy?

Promoting democracy abroad - the EU's record

15 Dec 08

In a joint research project with FRIDE, ECFR looks at the EU?s record in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco.

Is the EU a global force for human rights?

17 Sep 08

The EU's leverage to promote human rights through the UN has dramatically declined over the last decade, our exclusive report reveals.

Can the EU win the peace in Georgia?

24 Aug 08

This authors analyse the background and developments in the Russia-Georgia conflict and outline recommendations on how to prevent wider political fallout.

Re-energising Europe's Security and Defence Policy

29 Jul 08

European governments cannot afford to move at the speed of the slowest, argues Nick Witney, and should push for a 'multi-speed' Europe on ESDP

Meeting Medvedev: The Politics of the Putin Succession

28 Feb 08

An in-depth analysis of the political context of Dmitry Medvedev's rise, focusing on the behind-the-scenes manipulation by ?political technologists'.

Fact sheet on NATO deployments in Afghanistan

08 Feb 08

Read our Fact Sheet comparing NATO troop deployment figures in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Europe's Forgotten War

17 Jan 08

Daniel Korski argues that the international coalition should overhaul their Afghanistan strategy and strike a 'grand bargain' to stabilise the war-torn country.

Poland's second return to Europe?

20 Dec 07

An in-depth analysis of the new Polish government's foreign policy, focusing on new personalities shaping the agenda as well as plans to improve relations with Germany and Russia.

A Power Audit of EU-Russia relations

07 Nov 07

Despite its economic strength and military might, the EU has begun to behave as if it were subordinate to an increasingly assertive Russia. Read ECFR?s ?Power Audit? of EU-Russia relations.

New World Order: The balance of soft power and the rise of herbivorous powers

24 Oct 07

A global public opinion survey shows that there is growing public support for a more multi-polar world, and 35% of world citizens would like to see the EU's influence to grow.

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