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Jordan: Reform before it’s too late

10 Apr 12

Europe should take a more assertive approach to political reform in Jordan

China at the crossroads: are the reformers winning the argument?

05 Apr 12

China is facing a choice between regress and reform

How the EU can support reform in Burma

29 Mar 12

Europe can help Burma reform, but its help must be gradual

Reinventing Europe: Czech lessons for small countries

28 Mar 12

From our Reinvention of Europe series of National papers

Syria: Towards a Political Solution

13 Mar 12

An end to the bloodshed may necessitate talks with the regime

The end of the Putin consensus

01 Mar 12

Putin's return: why Europe should prepare for a weaker Putin

The long shadow of ordoliberalism: Germany's approach to the euro crisis

22 Feb 12

The thinking behind Germany's unpopular approach to the crisis

Reinventing Europe: Poland and the euro crisis

07 Feb 12

From our Reinvention of Europe series of National papers

European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2012

01 Feb 12

How well did European foreign policy perform over the last year?

China Analysis: Facing the risks of the 'going out strategy'

26 Jan 12

From a major exporter of goods to a major exporter of capital

China Analysis: One or two Chinese models?

19 Dec 11

To Chongqing or Guangdong? China’s big development decision

Ukraine after the Tymoshenko verdict

16 Dec 11

Instead of lecturing Ukraine the EU must show that it means business

A 'reset' with Algeria: the Russia to the EU's south

13 Dec 11

Algeria is at risk of turmoil without EU-backed reform

Dealing with a post-BRIC Russia

30 Nov 11

Learning to deal with a changing Russia under a familiar leader

Rescuing the euro: what is China’s price?

29 Nov 11

What price will Europe pay for China's help in rescuing the euro?

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