Europe voted

By Susi Dennison - 28 June 2019

Presentation by Susi Dennison at ECFR Annual Council Meeting 2019 in Lisbon, including results from the latest ECFR/YouGov poll.

Expecting the unexpected?: The UK & 2019 European elections

By ECFR - 21 May 2019

At our recent event in London, guests Mark Leonard, Laura Parker, Jan Vincent-Rostowski, Irina von Wiese and Shahrar Ali discussed what to expect from this week’s European elections in the United Kingdom. This presentation highlights some of the key findings from that event, focusing on UK perceptions of the EU from our recent ECFR/YouGov polling.

Press release: Almost 100 million swing voters up for grabs in EU elections, according to major new report

By ECFR - 16 April 2019

ECFR report, backed by pan-European polling, debunks ‘five myths’ about the forthcoming election. Finds evidence of volatility, rather than a shift to extremes, in Europe’s electorate – with up to 30 percent of voters yet to decide how to cast their ballot. ‘Belief in the system’ is the key indicator towards understanding and engaging the electorate.

A majority of Europe's voters do not consider migration to be the most important issue, according to major new poll

By ECFR - 01 April 2019

Corruption, living standards, housing, unemployment and health rank above, or alongside, migration as key issues for European voters. Despite anti-immigration rhetoric across Europe, many voters view domestic issues as chief concerns. Voters in Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain are more concerned about people leaving their country than coming in.

EU Differentiation FAQ

By Hugh Lovatt - 31 October 2016

What is differentiation and why does it matter?

Vessela Tcherneva invited to speak about European solidarity during Council of Europe conference

By Vessela Tcherneva - 24 February 2016

The European Council on Foreign Relations was the only non-governmental organisation whose representative was invited to speak during the event that was attended by parliamentarians from more than 40 states.

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