What’s in a name?


Hello and welcome to the first posting on ECFR’s new blog – ‘Whose World Order?’ We’ll take a while to get up to speed, but the idea is to bring you insights and analysis from all our experts in bite-sized form.

I’ll kick off the blog with a few bits and pieces from our annual ECFR Council Meeting – which this year is being held in the European Parliament building in Brussels. But first, a quick word about the title.

The original idea was from Nick Witney – ‘agora’, a place of assembly in old Greek city states. It seemed ideal, so I got to work on a suitable image…

But then somebody said it was too much like a European Commission idea, so it was scrapped. We asked for suggestions on Facebook and Twitter, as well as ECFR’s staff. We ended up with a list including:



Kissinger Calling

1voice4EU (was this a joke, Daniel?)

Monnet’s Memo.

Again, no movement. So to provoke a decision, I came up with this:

Mark Leonard, who after all is the boss, hated it. And by the end of last weekend had come up with ‘Whose World Order?’ And that’s what we’re going to stick with…

Anyway, now the ball is rolling. I hope you all find it useful!


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