What kind of HighRep does the MENA region need?


This piece is part of a series on the casting of a new High Representative. For the full collection, click here. Read Josef Janning's introductory piece here.

Audacious – at a time of unprecedented turmoil and transformations in a region that Europe cannot ignore, the High Representative will have to be more daring than in the past. Many on the other shore of the Mediterranean are already calling for more assistance from Europe.

Conciliatory – while showing audacity, the High Rep. will have to be a coalition builder with both southern countries and EU member states, in order to rebalance the concerns and focus, both political and financial, towards this neighbourhood.

Charismatic – in addition to robust networks and a good reputation among EU and world leaders, including the United States, the HR should be charismatic and project a stronger image of Europe as a credible foreign policy actor.

Visionary – Europe suffered from its initial inapt reaction to the "Arab Spring" and the HR should articulate a long-term strategy for the region and Europe's relations with each and all of its countries. Previous experience in one or several MENA states would be a key asset.

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